Alfie Stories

Angela Perry MBE, was inspired to write the Alfie stories because Alfie Malamute is an extraordinarily amusing creature, who is so quirky and funny and much of the time you can almost see what he’s thinking. So she has combined his thoughts and her imagination to make real life stories instilled with a touch of fiction and a moral to each tale to be enjoyed by children of 5-9 years. She has also included some long words – “children I know love long words and it is good for them to learn how to use them”, Angela comments. “My aspiration for these books is help to teach children the importance of traditional values – no cartoons – just good education and quality illustrations”.

The first story in this series published was Alfie & The Cat Flap and now Alfie to The Rescue is available, together with Alfie & The Quacketts & Alfie Saves The Day



Alaskan Malamutes are truly wonderful and proud creatures but potential owners need to understand that they are not ‘fashion accessories’ – they need very careful management and demand a great deal of time, understanding and patience. Since they are very sociable they are not dogs to leave at home while you go to work or go out for long periods.

They will howl and become upset if they are left alone. They are also very large dogs – almost Shetland pony size – and extremely strong because they were bred initially to haul the possessions of Inuit nomads – the Malehut Tribe - from camp to camp in Alaska. Being essentially pack animals they tend to like the company of other compatible dogs. When living within a family home they will regard the family as ‘their pack’ – and since they are by nature very headstrong it is important to establish authority at an early stage so that they realise they are not the ‘head’ of the family. They also require a good deal of exercise and enjoy long walks across the countryside which keeps them healthy and interested. A happy and well kept Malamute will be affectionate, loving, loyal and rewarding to its owner.

If you are interested in offering a Malamute a home please invest time to take plenty of advice before you do – too many of these beautiful creatures are ending up in Rescue Centres because people can’t handle them! For further details please contact one of the following sites: 
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